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Club Formation: The Kennet Valley Probus Club was founded on the 22nd October 2008 by former Chairman Rosemary Lockyer. The original Newbury Probus Club was founded as an all male club, which was the norm in previous times.  Hungerford Probus Club, which had been founded in 1998, had a membership of both ladies and gentlemen.  This gave Rosemary, a former member, the inspiration to form a similar club in Newbury, an idea to which Hungerford Probus Club gave their full support.

Our chosen Club logo is a coin of Marcus Aurelius Probus, who was the Roman Emperor 276 – 282 AD:  He seemed to depict the original Latin meaning to which clubs were named - probity - being upright, honest, honourable citizens, which typifies the spirit of our Club. 

Our Club’s First Anniversary:   On 28th October 2009 we celebrated the successful development of our Club by marking the event with an Anniversary Cake. This was cut and distributed for members’ dessert.

Christmas Luncheon Meetings: are also celebrated each year, with a suitably festive menu, and extended invitation to guests.

Social Outings:  were introduced during springtime 2010, which initially included a Members Photographic Competition. Past visits include: a trip to the Bombay Sapphire distillery, Williams F1 factory, the BMW/Mini factory, theatre visits, BBC, rambles. 

Coffee Mornings:  were introduced on the 19th April 2011, which gave opportunities to meet informally monthly at a local venue and to enjoy one another’s wit and scintillating conversation. 

Chain of Office: On the 23rd July 2014, Ron Rowland, a former Chairman of Hungerford Probus Club, did the honour of presenting a formal chain of office to founder Chairman Rosemary Lockyer.  The chain of office will continue to be worn by the serving Chairman.